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Dear Sir or Madam (Although I suspect the glass ceiling is firmly in place in your organisation),

I am writing to express displeasure about the state of the roads on which I ride my bicycle to work each day. It’s hard enough to keep oneself dry in one’s best work dress,bath6 without having to negotiate the wretched conditions I encounter in my journey. It’s all very well for your Council to take credit for the Sustrans art trail along the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, but it’s time you owned up to your responsibility for maintaining an adequate state of pathway along my route. I am totally saturated by the time I arrive exhausted at work, and home, after negotiating the various unthought-out hills and dales you require me to endure… without the minimum level of acceptable cover over the bicycle pathway! Why don’t you do what is done elsewhere in the world and get rid of a lot of these useless old buildingsbath2bath3and level the ground to provide for us cyclists?bath7 bath8Some proper planning might be in order?

I also wish to raise the issue of tourists leaving their rubbish outside their temporary residences in cardboard boxes and other unsuitable containers.bath9   These constitute an unusually difficult impediment to my daily journey, and it is totally inadequate for your collection to be made only once a week. The collection should be undertaken daily, and not with a lot of unnecessary noise! I suggest that you purchase a fleet of small vehicles with rubber tyres to undertake the process,bath11 personed by quiet timid people who are respectful of the neighbourhood.

I am happy to assist with the planning if you find yourselves unable to cope.

Yours Sincerely

Dissatisfied Resident.