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Don’t you wish you could hit your drives a lot further?

You play with people like Warren Brewer and Wendy Best and their ball is 90 foot in the air and still rising when it passes yours.golfdrive

golfdrivefemYeah I know…”Drive for show and putt for dough” . But I’m a hopeless putter and haven’t improved over the years. Longer drives have to be the road to reducing my handicap.
I thought there must be a way…so I did some research into long drives.

I had a look at the Youtube Long-Driving competition where the average competitor hits it 350 yards, and found out something very interesting : – they all used Krank clubs!
So I went to the Krank site and ordered a Krank driver by entering my physical data : 6ft 4; 190lbs; lifts 140 (clean and jerk); Leaps tall buildings in a single bound. (Alright I exaggerated a little, the data should have read: 5ft8; 190lbs; Lifts toothbrush with help; Stumbles over door mats).
Anyway I got to checkout and reviewed my purchase: $446; 47inches; weight all-up 13lbs.

Thirteen pounds! Now I don’t know if you can recall bowling a 13lb bowling ball….but can you imagine swinging one around your head?bowl ball2 If you can’t, go to the gym and try it with a 13lb dumbbell. I did. I could barely lift the thing over my head…and when in an uncontrolled fashion I swung it, I then had to spend ages trying to explain to the young lady whom I’d almost felled that I wasn’t molesting her – I was trying out a new …er…golf club. She looked at the dumbbell…rolled her eyes and turned away in disgust.bowlball
Sadly the golf club appeared to not be the answer.

Although I have had somewhat of a breakthrough. I noticed that one of my playing companions was hitting his driver off the fairway! So I tried it on Saturday and it worked (sort of). Once in every three hits I’d be able to whack the driver off the deck further than my 5 wood! Eureka! This could be it! Of course the other two out of three whacks were very marginal…but Hey.. every scientific advancement starts with small achievements!

I am so excited! (I wonder if I could putt better with it?).