I’ve always liked the idea of playing in a foursomes. A nice day; pleasant companion; alternate hits…sounded interesting.

So I asked Al Martin, who has played a few rounds with me, if he’d play with me in the Foursomes Championship. But he turned white and muttered something about having to be in Alaska that weekend.

Disappointed but not to be put off, I noticed that Ann had placed her name on the Mixed Foursomes booking sheet in anticipation of having a decent player put their name next to hers. So I did.

Perhaps during the round things may have been less grim if I had taken her advice that I should play safely out of the trees back onto the fairway.
“Bugger that.” I would say expansively. “Trees are 90 percent air, I’m going for it.”

She was always nice about it. “That was very well hit.” She would say. “It’s a shame it struck that huge tree that you may not have noticed was directly in front of you.”

However there was always the backstop that she would put us safely out on the fairway with the next shot. It’s strange that women seem to be better at weighing-up risks?

Of course the situation didn’t improve when she would put me 3 feet from the pin and then go and prepare herself to hit off the next….only to have to go all the way back to the cart to get her putter when I missed the putt. As I had not demonstrated any other particular strongpoints in my game, she might have been forgiven for thinking that perhaps putting was.

Ah yes , 27 holes of a Mixed Foursomes can be a long way, when you suspect that the person sitting beside you in the cart is wishing that they were back home doing something more pleasant …. like cleaning out the fridge.

Oh by the way Ann, if you’re reading this, I think your internet must be down as I haven’t received a response to my email suggesting that we play in a fourball.