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The sub-culture of the Inverell Goods Shed was very interesting.

The Goods Shedgoodshed was staffed by about a dozen staunch ARU members of varying degrees of health and fitness. However they were totally united when the occasion arose…such as when a shipment of grog would arrive at Inverell from Tooths Brewery.tooths

Somehow they would be forewarned …not only of the arrival date, but also of the number of the LLVLLV that would contain the liquid refreshments.

They would advise the local shunter who upon arrival of the LLV would somehow arrange to drop it down at full speed on the Goods Shed siding to crash whole-heartedly against a series of other trucks waiting outside the Goods Shed.

This would happen at like 12 midnight. Whereupon there would appear out of the darkness 12 good men and true who would be carrying large quantities of beer bottle necks and caps.bottle  The doors of the LLV would be flung open to reveal the catastrophe inside…then the gallant Unionists would retrieve unbroken bottles of beer and replace each one with a broken bottle-neck and cap.

Next day the First Clerk would be informed of the devastation and he would dutifully come to the scene and count the broken bottles…whereupon the local pub would be able to claim for the damage and all would be in order with the world.

Systems work well don’t they?