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Hi Christine,

Well here we are again at our Noosa weekender. It’s been a while since we chatted so I thought I’d bring you up to date.

The new Prado 4WD was great on the drive up from Toorak.    prado It’s large enough for John and me and the two kids, and I like being high up over the traffic. John thinks the 13 litres per 100 kilometres petrol usage is about average too. Isn’t it terrible Christine, that a lot of people are driving old cars that pollute the environment.

I decided to get a Prado because I didn’t want to look too ostentatious at the school gate. Anyway I have the Merc convertable that Daddy gave me for my 32nd birthday, because he had heard that Catherine his Noosa Optometrist had turned 32 and apparently the poor thing was not handling it all that well.

I’ve been wondering why more people don’t buy a weekender like ours Christinewender1wender2so they can get away from the city for a while. It would mean less traffic and everything in the city, which would be really good for the environment wouldn’t it? Do you think we should make this a policy of ours Christine?

Things have been going very well for us. John is paid in US dollars and  has managed to make himself Non-Resident for tax purposes, so he doesn’t have to pay any Australian tax! Aren’t accountants wonderful the way they can do things. And John told me that the mult-national company he works for doesn’t pay any tax either. Something to do with transferring losses to an Australian holding or something, although I don’t pretend to understand such things. However, Daddy says I am very good with figures. He can tell from the way I handle my allowance from the family Trust.  Also John’s negative gearing on the investment property has worked out brilliantly, as John will have all these tax credits when he finally becomes Resident again. Which is just as well given the prices of private schools these days! I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t manage their finances in the way we do; people are so silly.

We decided to take the Prado on a camping trip to Noosa’s North Shore. It was such fun! Mind you there was a really long wait in the line of 4WD’s having to cross on the ferry to get to the North Shore.nthshr5 And there were so few places to camp with all of the vehicles and people.nthshr3 nthshr6However we managed to squeeze in along the dunes and had two lovely nights under the stars in a pristine environment Christine. You’d think more people would get away from the city to enjoy the outdoors. The only downside was the difficulty in finding an untrammelled place back of the beach in the dunes to go to the toilet. One would invariably find when digging, a disgusting mess left by someone else! We think that what we’ll do next time is buy one of those portable toilets from Big Wpt and leave it behind in the dunes like everyone else is doing. Apparently there must be some form of collection and disposal service.

Other than that small inconvenience, it was lovely Christine, although we did wonder why there were those small brown streams that smelt atrociously, running from the dunes down to the sea.  Oh, and we think little Johnathon has picked up something, he is really sick.

We had another exciting outing when we hired kayaks to go out on Lake Weyba. It’s lovely there Christine. The brown muddy banks and birds in a pristine environment.lw2 Someone told us later that the banks of the lake used to be pure white sand twenty years ago, but I don’t believe that.lw4 Mind you when we paddled over to the back of Noosa Springs resort and Golf Course we wondered at the stream running out into the lake. It was almost black. But we assumed it was only fertiliser and stuff from the golf course and surely that wouldn’t harm the lake?nsp1

We went to the Noosa Farmers Market yesterday.fm1 There should be more of these in Australia Christine.  The valiant local farmers striving to grow wonderful produce for the good of our health. All locally grown too!  And they recycle packing cases too Christine; I saw a number that said ‘Brisbane Fruit and Vegetable Market’. Isn’t that so in line with our policies Christine!bm And yes, the fruit and vegetables are twice the price of Coles’, but owing to their pristine quality they are worth every penny don’t you think?

The other nice thing is that a lot of the stalls have their goods already placed in brown paper bags for our convenience, and they are marked with the weight, like ‘250g’ or ‘500g’, so there is no delay in shopping. Mind you out of curiosity when I got home I weighed our 500g purchase to find that it was only 300g. They must have been in a hurry to set up their stall.

Well that’s about it for the moment Christine, I am really looking forward to the election in which you are bound to double our numbers.

Yours in Environmental care